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Afghanistan's Humanitarian Crisis

The war that has been happening in Afghanistan between the Taliban, US and the Afghanistan government has officially been going on for 20 years and hasn't slowed in the number of innocent civilian lives that it has claimed and displaced. Attacks by the Taliban and other armed groups have been directly targeting civilians and sites such as a maternity hospital and educational institutions that serve to educate girls. Women and girls continued to face violence, harassment and intimidation, as well as being hunted down to serve as sex-slaves for the Taliban militants, who then trade these widows and girls - who are between the ages of 15 and 40 - on the market in Pakistan as products. All of this being assisted by an agreement made between the US government and the Taliban in 2020, which further strengthened the Taliban's hold over the country. This has resulted in some 200,000 Afghans being displaced from their homes in 2021, being unable to seek refuge in countries such as the United States, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey and forced to return home. All the while, the US, who played a massive part in the start and continuation of the war, has withdrawn its troops from the country resulting in the Taliban controlling more parts of the country (currently controls 85%).

The Humanitarian Response Plan asked for $1.3 billion dollars to aid the 18 million people that are in extreme need of aid and assistance. However, they've only been funded to support 37% of those in need. The UK on Tuesday announced plans to accept 20,000 Afghan refugees in the coming years as part of a new resettlement program that will prioritise women, girls and religious and other minorities. Within the first year of said program, 5,000 people would be resettled in the UK. This plan is separate to the efforts to grant interpreters and other staff who worked with UK officials and forces in Afghanistan the right to live in the UK.

In times of oppression and injustice, I urge you all to not remain silent and raise awareness by sharing and reposting tweets or stories about the current situation in Afghanistan. Use your platforms to speak out against the injustices and violations of human rights that are happening on a daily basis to numerous people. If you feel that you're not educated enough or know enough about the situation, donate to charities that are providing aid to those people that are in dire need.

I will provide links for some charities below as well as a link to an overview of the situation of you wish to read about it some more;

UN Crisis Relief for Afghanistan -

Action Aid -

Al Jazeera Article -

Hope you all keep well and safe and I pray to God to keep all of our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan safe and give them the strength they need to continue fighting until the day this is all over Insha Allah.

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