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BLM - 3rd June 2020

Allow their names to be said

Allow their stories to be told

Let justice be served

To those who did them wrong

Allow our voices to be heard

For the reason to be found

Let change begin

To a system of old

Let the cycle be broken

Allow the living to be free

Not be criminalised by their skin

Or to be killed endlessly

For this is a fight for justice for the dead and making sure this doesn’t happen again

But also, to make a change and stop the hate crimes by civilians and those in power against black people

Because when your skin colour is seen as a weapon, you will never be seen as unarmed.

So, if you are not a person of colour please acknowledge the white privilege that society has given you and use it to spread the message to platforms where the voices of others are heard but not listened to. This is a time in which we must all unite against a society – seen around the world – where people are categorised and treated in either a good or bad way based on the colour of their skin. We must unite and protest, speak up, do something, until we see a change in the treatment of people, until the world realises we are all part of the human race. Being treated based on skin colour should never be acceptable! And if you decide to turn your head the other way and ignore what is happening in America, in the UK and in many countries, just know that you are part of the problem. Being silent at a time like this is being complicit in the injustice. Simply saying you aren’t racist isn’t enough. You need to be ACTIVELY ANTI-RACIST for a change to occur.

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