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COVID Travel Blues

Salaams/Hi everyone,

This post is going to be on a much lighter topic that hopefully you can relate to in some way.

The travel blues... something I have/ am experiencing quite a lot thanks to COVID. Which is heavily ironic due to being in a global pandemic currently. One of the ways I have stopped myself from going completely crazy when stuck in my house (mainly in my room or the kitchen), is by planning trips for the distant future in far away countries, that, due to me having a phobia of planes and hating long-haul flights, most of them may not happen ~ I plan on tackling this issue so that some of these trips can come true InshaAllah (if God wills). But it makes feel better living vicariously through google images and google trips (not sponsored) for a few hours. In my mind, I have fully scheduled trips around the world, one of them being a road trip anywhere with my closest friend.

On a less extravagant note, this pandemic has also made me miss the little road trips to a different city that last a few days or a couple hours that I used to go on with my family or with my siblings. It also made me appreciate the fact that i got to experience these trips and makes me look forward to the days on the other side of this pandemic, where I can get up and go on trips with my family, siblings or my best friend InshaAllah.

Am I the only one that's doing this? Or are you reading this with a tab open that has your first post-COVID planned out? InshaAllah this will be over soon and all the trips we want to go on will come into being. I hope this has given you some sort of comfort or an idea of something to do when at home (trust me it is a good past time, plus when the time comes, it will only be a matter of booking the tickets).

Until my next post, stay safe and healthy x

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