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Iron Wall around Gaza

This blog was meant to be completed and posted yesterday after I heard the news but I was too lost for words that an extra day was needed to process and figure out how to deliver the news. If you haven't heard of what happened, yesterday it was announced that the Israeli government had finished building a 65km barrier along the border of Gaza - a construction that was publicly announced and started in around 2014 as an addition to an existing 700km wall around the West bank constructed privately in 2007.

This wall, part of which is pictured above, features a sensor-equipped underground wall as well as the one above ground, and a sea barrier to monitor any movement. It also includes watch towers which house remote controlled snipers and other weapons and camera systems to use against and monitor the already trapped Palestinian population who find themselves on the other side of the Gaza strip.

This new addition to the Israeli wall is just another way for the military and government to control and punish the region's 1.8 million Palestinian residents, who the Israeli government have held captive, mercilessly bombed (whether adult or child), and systematically impoverished throughout the 14 year blockade.

Diagram of the wall and what Israel has built around the entirety of the Gaza strip

In other words, Israel have just tested their military technologies on innocent and already suffering Palestinians who are trapped in, what is now the world's largest open-air prison.

The construction is another event added onto the ongoing Nakba, the forced expulsion and removal of Palestinians from their homes, from 1948 to the present day. Trapping and denying Palestinians access to basic human needs such as medicine, education, social services and farmland alongside using insane military power and resources, is the only way Israel to maintain its majority rule and occupation of Palestine. It also shows that the government, must be afraid of the Palestinian people and know what they are doing and have been doing is insane if the only way the government can feel in control and have the "upper hand" in this conflict, is by using and abusing their military power against a population that has essentially nothing.

The thing that gets me the most is that whilst this is happening, there are no reports in the western news about it. None of the countries with the power to stop this and talk sense into the Israeli prime minister are doing anything. Instead, they're sitting back and being friendly with Israel and its leader pure because they need resources such as oil. Silence is what is making this conflict worse and is what has let Israel get away with all of this for decades at this point - it can't keep going on if we still want to save the beautiful country and people of Palestine.

#SavePalestine always and forever until they are free from Israel

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