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Long Time No See...

Assalamualaikum/Hello again...

It's been a while since my last post and for that I can only apologize,

I had been meaning to write a lot more and post at least once a month but life - in the form of studies- got in the way.

As it has been a few months since the last post, I thought a little life update would be a good place to start - especially as the new year is about to begin. You may be thinking, what could have happened or changed within the last few months that warrants a whole blog post? Well, let me give you a quick run down of the situation:

  1. I finished my 3 years in university and graduated with a degree in Psychology Alhamdulillah

  2. I moved to a new city to undertake my Masters' degree - almost in my second semester now

  3. I feel like I have made improvements to my general wellbeing and mentally feel as though have become a lot stronger than I once was.

  4. As of this past October, I have completed one year in therapy - which was honestly a life changer (I have my sisters to thank for that)

  5. One last thing, I made new friends on my current course who I truly get along with - which for some reason, was not sure would happen.

So yeah, a lot has changed in my opinion, and although these may not all seem like big advancements, they are a big step forward in my book to where I want to be. As for the year in general, I feel like its ending on a more positive one than it started off. That's not to say that it hasn't had its downhill moments, but I feel as though I cam out on other side less marked by the bad than in previous years.

Going into this next year, I can only hope that I grow and gain more strength in all aspects of life, be it physically, mentally or religiously. I also pray that I keep ahold of the positive relationships that I have in my life. Whether that be family or friends (both old and new), I hope to strengthen these bonds.

As for what I want to achieve, that shall remain a secret. Just know I have goals that I want to reach - some may be done in the next year, some may take a little longer to achieve. As long as I get there, the timings don't matter as much. I hope you all have been well and have stayed safe this past year and I pray that you all achieve what you want and grow more as individuals in the coming year.

I'll stop rambling now and leave you there,

As always, stay safe and be healthy...

See you all next year Insha'Allah!

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